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Free Magic Love Spells
& Reviews of Online Spell Casters

by Megan Bell


I have been a big believer in Love Spells ever since I was 13 and had a crush on a boy in my middle school. He didn't notice me, so I tried to make him love me by using what claimed to be a "powerful instant love spell" I found in a book about witchcraft. It didn't work of course, (I was barely a teenager, and using a book I bought at Barnes & Noble!) but I felt so empowered by the idea of being able to control the energies around me, and manifest love, that I spent the next several years reading all of the information I could about wicca and spell casting.

I've worked on learning how to raise the energy to properly cast my own spells. I've dug through antique shops and people's attics to find love spells written down in older and more authentic books, taken classes from several covens located in Southern California, tried out free love spells I found online, and I've found some amazing real wiccan spellcasters who have helped cast spells for me.

Now, before you think I'm crazy, lets just say I'm crazy for love!

I have been lucky enough to meet a few people who have just turned my world upside down with the feelings I have felt for them. And sometimes, when our relationships would have problems (every relationship does!), I would turn to a spellcaster to help fix my love problem.

Doing my own spells has been somewhat successful for me. I have absolutely seen some results from some of the spells I've cast. But honestly, I'm not a natural witch, and although with practice they say that you can develop your own natural abilities, I don't really think I could ever achieve the kind power or results that have come from some of the spells I've gotten from people like Kyra Meadows and California Astrology Association.

The thing is, though, not every spell caster is honest and good. I ran into a lot of fakes and scam artists before I found people who were genuine, real, and actually cast spells that got results. So to help out anyone who doesn't want to do the free stuff, and wants some magickal work done for them by a real witch, I'm listing reviews of the best spellcasters I have tried.

The witches and spellworkers listed here started as direct recommendations from my personal experience, but I have also listened to what you guys have been emailing me over the years, to make sure that your experience matches mine. Although not everyone is going to have 100% success all the time, I want to be clear that out of the thousands of people who have emailed me since I first put up this site in 2006, I have not had any major complaints about the people I have listed here. No one has emailed me to say they were treated rudely, talked down to, or scammed out of hundreds of dollars. I can not guarantee you that their spells will work for your situation, but I feel very confident in saying that you will not get scammed by using any of the people here for spellwork.

Spellcaster Reviews: Genuine Witches I Recommend for Love Spells

(If you just want to try casting spells yourself, check outthe list of spells I have found to be the most successful, and easiest to cast, on the Free Love Spells Page)

Kyra Meadows from

Kyra is the absolute best spell caster I have tried. I only ordered one Love Spell from her, but lets just say, the results were amazing! I actually don't want to put too many details here, in case my new FIANCE finds this site. Yes, I said fiance! :) We are getting married next spring! I can not believe that I have found a love so true and so amazing and so perfect! This was by far the best $100 I have ever spent!!! Much better than the free stuff I was trying on my own!

*Update* - I originally wrote the above review in 2006. I wanted to keep it exactly as it's written, to retain the authenticity of the statement, and to capture the joy and excitement I was feeling at the time. However, I thought an update was needed, since it's now quite a few years later! First of all, the fiance and I did get married, and he is now my happy loving husband. Years after our wedding, I ended up telling him how I 'made him love me' using a love spell, and I'm happy to say he doesn't believe me (or care) about the spell in the slightest. I know the love spell is what sealed our love though, and am glad that it never 'wore off' or anything.

I have used spells from Kyra Meadows a few more times since I originally wrote the above review, as 'things' would come up (not all love or romance related) in my life, and I feel more confident than ever in recommending her work.

Grace from

I originally added Your Witch to this website because my sister had amazing luck with a couple of her spells: first a love spell, and then 2 stages of a career spell (it was a complex situation at her work at the time). Since her original review was posted here (and then got lost sometime when the website crashed a few years ago - ooops!) I have tried her myself for a few spells, at times when Kyra was unable to cast a spell for me fast enough. (Spell casters are people just like you and I, and there is a limit to what they can do every day!) (And yes, I could have waited, but I'm impatient, ha ha!)

Anyhow, her spells have been a great success for me as well. In some cases they have worked better than Kyra's and in some cases they have not been as strong. I guess it's more proof that even the most honest and best spellcasters aren't 100% perfect every time they cast a spell. Neither of these two women will scam you, so I guess my recommendation is to check out both of their sites, and email the one you feel the most comfortable working with - casting a love spell certainly isn't a once size fits all process, so different spell casters may work differently with different people and different situations.

Eva from Cast A Spell was the first spell caster I tried. I think I was lucky to get someone so reliable and thorough, off the bat. I have now worked with both Kyra and Eva for many years on a bunch of different issues, from love, romance, marriage, in-law problems, baby-making, etc. Initially Eva worked on my dating relationship with this guy A****. I'd been having so many issues dating him, as he was an incredibly stubborn guy. Eva's spells would work on him, (which is definitely some sort of miracle, from what I know about the situation years later!) but then inevitably, some other issue would pop up that we would have to fix. I finally learned that although he was one of my soulmates, he was just sort of there to teach me lessons, till I found my life partner and soulmate.

I have so much to thank Eva for, for getting me through those trying times with so much support and therapy. And the spells of course! I don't think I could have made it without her and her work. Now I can at least look back on my romance with A**** and smile, and know that it led me to something wonderful, instead of only causing me pain.

All of Eva's spells ended up working for me, even in some very unexpected (bonus!) ways! She is very kind and caring, which is the best part about working with her. She was always understanding to my needs, and never tried to rip me off, or charge too much.

I also ordered some Job and Money Spells from Cast A Spell, and after two Job Spells, I landed the job of my dreams with an exclusive advertising agency in LA. (I have not won the lottery yet, although to be fair, I don't really try as often as I should - maybe I'm just content with the love I've found, right?)

Eva has Custom Love Spells available on her page. Don't get confused that she doesn't have a menu-like selection, like other spellcasters do. Her spells are all tailored to your individual needs and desires. So just email her with your situation, and she will tell you what you need. Last time I worked with her, I think she was charging $100 for most work.

Scam Artists

I really am a nice person, so I don't want to badmouth people, even though they might deserve it. I know there are a few websites out there that are total scams, and just want your money. I know, I have tried some of them myself! I have chosen not to call them out by name here, but I wanted to give you some advice about how to know who to work with and who to avoid.

Above all, trust your gut instinct about your interaction with the spell caster. Just because they have a pretty and well designed webpage, and answer their emails 4 times a day, doesn't mean they're honest and trustworthy. Please ALWAYS watch and listen to your gut instinct about how you feel when you email with someone about these kind of personal matters. Are they pressuring you into ordering "special" or extra spells because there is a "curse" on you, and nothing good will ever happen to you, unless you order a spell? Are they asking for payment in 'weird' ways, such as gift cards to stores, or purchasing hard to find items? This can be a very bad sign that you are dealing with someone who is not very ethical when it comes to magic spells.

Never deal with anyone who makes you feel bad or talks down to you. A good spell caster will only lend a helping ear, and not try to intimidate you, scare you, or belittle you.

Also never give a spell caster more than you can afford to spend. This is very important, even for spell casters who aren't scam artists. Sure, love is important, and we might feel like we'll die if we can't find a way to make him love me - but we really won't. And it's way more important to have a warm place to stay, food for you and your children, and things like that. So please don't mortgage the house over getting someone to stay faithful or realize your true beauty!


Tarot Readers and Psychics: Accurate Intuitive Readings

Most of the people I list above will do tarot or psychic readings, along with offering their spell casting services. However, if you are not looking for spell work, and just want a good, ACCURATE, reading, I am going to start listing people I find out about here.

Psychic Source 

I'm usually very hesitant about phone psychics, but since they are only $1/minute, I figured I wasn't going to get scammed, and plus, I could hang up at any time if ended up not liking the psychic or tarot reader I was talking to.

I've called in for 3 readings now, had different readers every time, and LOVED each and every reading I had.

So yes, I can definitely recommend Psychic Source if you want a psychic reading, and want one NOW.

(Remind me to come back and post their screen names here, so you can go directly to them, if you want.)

When will you find love? Find out with a psychic reading from Psychic Source. Choose from over 300 psychics who are available 24/7.


Kasamba - Life Advice and More

Kasamba readers are some of the best out there, and I definitely trust them with all sorts of relationship and life questions. Everone I have talked to is very kind and caring, and I'm happy to be able to support them with my recommendations.

Follow the link below for a special deal on your first reading with them!

3 Free Minutes Live Psychic Reading + 50% Off Session


Lynne Able Unfortunately, my very good friend, and amazingly accurate tarot reader, Lynne Able is no longer doing readings over the Internet or phone at this time. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you may be able to locate her at bookstores around Santa Monica and Venice beach areas. I don't know how to contact her personally right now. If anyone does, please email me and let me know.
Offer Me Suggestions If you've had a positive reading with a psychic or tarot reader that you would like to recommend, please email me (see my 'about me' page for my email) and give me their information. I will try them out myself, and if I agree with you that they are accurate and not a scammer, I will post their information here. I do have to try them out myself first, so give me a little bit to get that done, and list them.



Free Love Spells: Try Casting Your Spell For Love!

These are spells that I have personally gathered over the years that have seemed to get the best results when I do them myself. They also are (mostly) done with stuff you should be able to easily get around you, or in online wicca stores.

This site has gotten bigger over the years, so I moved all of my handpicked spells to their own page, so go here to get the love spells to read about them and find one do to on your own.


Links: Resources on Witchcraft and Magic

My page on simplified Wiccan information, including traditions, symbolism, and rituals for the "part time" witch.

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Well thank you for visiting my page about wicca, paganism, and love spells!!
I hope that the information I provided for you here was helpful to you in some way.

This page isn't really supposed to be about me, but in case you are curious as to who I am and why I made this site you can click here for my biography page: about megan

If you have any other questions about the spellcasters I've reviewed, or casting your own love spell, you can email me (the email is on my biography page)



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